Recruitment of executives, specialized in the direct approach

Our methodology

Understand the context, Target the candidates, Accompany the Client and the Candidate in its integration.

 01 Managers and Researchers, spend time with you, DG, HR and Manager, to understand your company, its issues, its culture. We accompany you in the definition of your need and the profile sought.

02 Targeting. Our job is hunting! To hunt well, you have to target well. Our analysis research team analyzes your market, identifies the environments in which your future collaborator can be located. A list of companies or organizations is then subject to validation.

03 Qualification. We enter into contact with the persons identified previously, in order to propose them your project. 90% of situations, we are not exchanging, for various reasons: person contacted in his professional life, note the writing of the market, project not corresponding to his aspirations, geographical mobility ... In 10%, we succeed to capture their attention, to get to know each other better and to evolve towards your project.

04 The Meeting. The consultant, head of mission, has the privilege of meeting the candidates, with a double objective: to play his role of evaluator in order to propose you more interesting candidates to your specifications, to a perfect knowledge of your environment allows him to be your spokesperson and present your project.

05 Integration. Recruitment is not at the signing of a contract of employment. Integrating your new employee is an essential step. We accompany you in this step by realizing regular points.

School case

Mission: General Manager H / F.

Recruitment context: Confidential position / Group of 3,000 employees, research for one of its subsidiaries and its Managing Director.

Mission (s) main job (s):

As a real boss, you take the lead of our activity and ensure / assume all actions of management, trade, financial and administrative management.

You participate in the definition of the strategy and share your vision.

You are the guarantor of the growth and profitability of the company you develop by relying on the excellent foundations acquired over the last 30 years

Method operated: Direct approach

Companies identified in the target scope: 30

Number of candidates identified: 42

Number of candidates approached: 35

Number of cabinet interviews: 4

Number of short-list candidates: 3

Duration of the investigation period until presentation of the Short-List: 5 weeks.

Requirements and difficulties of the mission: Of superior technical or commercial training, you can justify successful experiences on a post of General Management in the field Bank / Finance / Insurance. You are passionate about this sector. True leader, you are also a man of the ground knowing how to express his operational potential. You know how to motivate your teams to reach ambitious goals. You are recognized for your charisma, your sense of analysis, your creativity, your involvement and your ability to add value. Frequent travel in France and abroad. A fluent English is required.